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Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek
Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek

The Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek is one of our favorite treks and we’d be delighted to help you explore this impressive region in Nepal.

Tamang Heritage Trail is an excellent Trek along an easy going route combined with authentic villages that offer a homestay program in traditional homes, and great views of mountains in Tibet, Langtang and Ganesh Himalas, set against, rhododendrons, forests.

It is a rewarding trekking experience with a strong focus on local culture. The trail lies in one of the bordering regions between Nepal and Tibet. There is a long history of trade and cultural exchange which enriched the local culture and the ritual practices on both sides of the border.

Developed by the Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program, the "Tamang Heritage Trail" is one of the newly developed trails that are less crowded and put a stronger emphasis on culture than some of the more classic trails. The Tamang Heritage Trail gives you an idea of ancient lifestyles but also offers stunning sceneries and (as a reward) relaxing. The Tamang Heritage trail is a very pleasant trek without technical difficulty. A remarkable cultural experience set in an impressive environment.

Another attraction of this trip is stunning views of glaciers, amazingly photogenic. Rich in cultural heritage, a pleasant altitude profile and stunning nature - the Langtang valley trek has plenty of things to offer. Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure will help you make the most of this unique experience.

The Langtang valley to the north of Kathmandu lies just south of the Tibetan border, sandwiched between the main Himalayan range to the north and a slightly lower range of snowy peaks to the south. This made it an important region for trade over several centuries and a focal point for cultural exchange.

It offers a wide range of landscapes and sceneries. The route follows the river up the valley through various types of forests (in particular the impressive rhododendron forests) and takes you from a warm, almost tropical climate to the harsher environment at higher altitude. Along the way, there is a good chance of observing wild boar, deer, several types of monkeys and even some of the larger predators as bears and leopards, not to mention the many kinds of wildflowers. As soon as we get out of the forest, we will have the impressive Langtang Lirung mountain (7246m) right in front of you. The route then continues along the Langtang mountain range with all the famous glaciers and beautiful snow-covered peaks.

Paying tribute to the rich cultural aspects of the regions, we’ll lead us through the Tibetan communities within the Langtang Valley. During the trek, we will have many opportunities to get a better understanding of their culture and way of life at high altitude. And we ’ll certainly enjoy their hospitality.

We start with 5-6 hours’ jeep journey from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi. On the way, we gather many impressions of rural Nepal. We then start trekking in earnest making our way through the small villages along the trail. we will observe local customs and traditions, chat with locals and, of course, drive a good bargain when shopping for locally produced handicrafts. 



  • Experience the rich culture of the Langtang region
  • Discover the border region of Nepal and Tibet and lear about its rich history
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural hot springs
  • Conquer Tsergo Ri at 4985m and enjoy the spectacular views of Langtang Lirung, Dorjee Lhakpa as well as the Ganseh Himal range
  • Explore picturesque Tibetan villages and experience Tibetan culture
  • Enjoy the quick succession of distinctive landscapes and climates

Trip Facts

Duration: 15 days

Altitude: 3870m

Season: Spring/Fall/Winter

Accommodation: Teahouse

Equipment: Basic Trekking Gear


Day 01;7 Dec

Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.) at TIA


Day 02; 8 Dec

Prepartion for Trek and Free day in Kathmandu to explore


Day 03; 9 Dec

Kathmandu to Syabrubensi (1503m/4931 ft.), 5-6hr drive


Day 04; 10 Dec

Syabrubensi to Gatlang (2,238m/7,342ft.), 4-5hr walk


Day 05; 11 Dec

Gatlang to Tatopani (2,380m/7,808ft.), 5-6hr walk


Day 06; 12 Dec

Tatopani to Nagathali (3,165m/10384 ft.), 5-6hr walk


Day 07; 13 Dec

Hike to Taruche and walk to Thuman (2,338m/7671 ft.), 8-9hr walk


Day 08; 14 Dec

Thuman to Briddim (2,238m/7,342ft), 5-6hr walk


Day 09; 15 Dec

Briddim to Lama Hotel (2487m/ 8159 ft.), 6-7hr walk


Day 10; 16 Dec

Lama Hotel to Langtang (3430m/11253 ft.), 5-6hr walk


Day 11; 17 Dec

Langtang to Kyangjin (3830m/12566 ft.), 3-4hr walk


Day 12; 18 Dec

Kyangjin to Lama Hotel (2487m/ 8159 ft.), 5-6hr walk


Day 13; 19 Dec

Lama Hotel to Syabrubensi (1503m/4931 ft.), 5-6hr walk


Day 14:20 Dec

Syabrubensi to Kathmandu (1,350m/4,429 ft.), 5-6hr drive


Day 15:21 Dec

Departure from Kathmandu


Trek Duration:

Standard itinerary – 15 days. Can be shortened or extended depending on time and fitness

Included Services


+ Private trek with an English speaking trekking guide

1 porter (between two clients) to carry your luggage during the trek (max 20 kg; i.e. 10kg pP)

Accommodation in a quality 3* hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu [upgrade possible]

 Sightseeing in Kathmandu by private vehicle and professional English speaking guide

All airport transfers. We’ll pick you up personally

Private vehicle from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi and return

Full board meals (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner) during the trek

Accommodation during the trek in carefully selected teahouses

Trekking permit and TIMS card

First Aid kit

Guides’ and porters’ medical and accidental insurance


Excluded Services

- International Airfare to and from your country

Nepal Visa fee for on arrival entry visa (US$ 25 or equivalent for 15 days, US$ 40 for 30 days & US$ 100 for 90 days. You also require 2 passport sized photos)

Travel & Health Insurance [needs to cover Emergency Helicopter Rescue at altitude]

Lunch & Dinner in Kathmandu

Any alcoholic beverages, cold drinks and boiled mineral water as well as snacks, deserts etc. during the trek

Tips for Guide & Porter (not mandatory but expected)

Hot shower, battery charges (available at extra cost in lodges, sometimes free)

Unforeseen expenses not under our control such as flight cancellations or delays, weather related issues, illness during the trek, rescue costs etc.

Any other costs not specifically included. Please feel free to ask if in doubt.


Trekking Equipment

Have a kindly bring following stated equipment for the camping/tented trek. The equipment you can buy in Kathmandu with different quality in good price.


01 large duffel bag: The Luggage is for to carry all your personal gear on the trekking. Should be strong and durable. The best size would be around 30" x 14", with a full-length zipper and handles.

1 rucksack or day pack: The bag is for to accommodate a sweater, rain gear, water bottle, camera and accessories and any miscellaneous items you need to have during the day. We recommend a pack with at least 1450cu. In capacity, or smaller if you are not carrying a large amount of camera equipment.

Head and Face Gear:

1. Sunhat

2. A Bandana

3. Sunglasses

4. Warm hat

5. Sunscreen with a very high SPF factor

6. Lip balm with a high SPF factor

7. An emergency light


1. Lightweight gloves

Inner Clothing:

1. T-shirts

2. Thermal underwear- Top and bottom. Synthetic is best

3. Underwear

4. 2 shorts

5. 2 Trousers- (comfortable) One thin, one thick and warm

Outer Clothing:

1. down Jacket

2. Fleece Jacket (or a windproof jacket)

3. Waterproof jacket with a hood (or a poncho)

4. Waterproof pants

5. Baggy pants

6. 2 pairs of gloves/mittens (1 thin and 1 thick)

7. 1 sweater to be worn under the fleece jacket


1. Light weight walking boots- (leather is recommended)

2. Spare laces

3. 2 pairs of thick woolen socks.

4. 2 pairs of thin socks to be worn under the woolen socks

5. One pair of sandals or comfortable shoes for camp

Drinking Equipment:

1. Water Bottle

Purification equipment-Boiled drinking water will be provided but further purification with iodine or purification tablets is highly recommended.

Sleeping and Carrying Equipment:

1. 30-40 liter daypack

2. Water Proof Bag-A water proof bag to cover the rucksack

3. Sleeping Bag- Please brings a bag that can resist temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius

Personal Medical Kit:

1. Bandage for sprains

2. Plasters/Band-aids

3. Iodine or water filters

4. Moleskin/Second skin - for blisters

5. Antiseptic ointment for cuts

6. Anti-bacterial throat lozenges (with antiseptic)

7. Aspirin/paracetamol - general painkiller

8. Oral rehydration salts

9. Broad-spectrum antibiotic (norfloxacin or ciprofloxin)

10. Anti-diarrhea medication (antibiotic)

11. Diarrhea stopper (Imodium - optional)

12. Diamox (altitude sickness - can be bought in Kathmandu)

13. Sterile Syringe set (anti-AIDS precaution)


1. Binoculars

2. Reading book

3. Trail Map/Guide book

4. Journal & Pens

5. Travel game i.e. chess, backgammon, scrabble


1. 1 medium sized quick drying towel

2. Toothbrush/paste (preferably biodegradable)

3. Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradable)

4. Deodorant

5. Nail clippers

6. Face and body moisturize

7. Feminine hygiene products

8. Small mirror


Useful Information

Travel Season

The best season for the Langtang region is the same as for most of Nepal, roughly from March to late May and mid-September to early December. The weather in the region is heavily influenced by the monsoon which brings large quantities of snow between June and August from the Gulf of Bengal. To avoid unstable weather, we recommend the spring and fall periods. However, trips can be organized outside these periods as well.

Your Meals During the Trek

During long treks, good nutrition is very important. Beyond the practical aspects, delicious food enhances every holiday. At Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventures, we make sure you experience high quality, locally sourced dishes. While most guest houses offer a wide variety of food, we highly recommend the local options which are freshly prepared from locally farmed produce. Popular dishes include Tsampak (the roasted flour of ground barley) with butter and the salted Tibetan tea, Sengong (paste of buckwheat flour with hot water) with Himalaya Nettle or garlic soup which can be very invigorating after a long day. And for your carbs, some boiled chilly potatoes – if you can stand the heat. Please inform us of special dietary needs but keep in mind that the trek leads through remote areas and it will not always be possible to meet specific requirements. In this case you might have to bring suitable meals instead.

Individual vs Group Trips

Our trips are calculated as private treks. You will have your own guide and can determine your own itinerary. This gives you the most flexibility. If you, however, prefer to join a group, depending on dates and routes, this can be organized as well.  


15 Days
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